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Here are 22 ways to improve
your marketing immediately

Frustrated club owners
come to us for a better way

Our system works. Period.
Clients work less & make more

Owners have shared with us what they like and don’t like about the marketing solutions, ideas and strategies available to them today.  Based on your input, we decided to plant our feet and focus on health club, gym and fitness center marketing and advertising.  We are the industry experts for owners of all types of businesses in the health club and fitness industry.

When we built The Marketing Foundation™ , we did it from a blueprint that owners like you created. We started from scratch. If you want half-baked, old & tired solutions from former club owners or bits and pieces of new and innovative thinking that are overpriced and untested, give us a call. We have a list of people for you.  We constantly update your tools for health club marketing .